In news you’d never thought of but now will live rent-free in your head forever, is this cracker from Bunnings.

Across all the stores are those orange signs that always look the same, right?

Turns out these price posters don’t get sent en-masse to stores from a signwriting or printer shop.

Staff are all taught to write them the exact same way.

Even if this isn’t brand-new information for you… snakes alive, it’s so satisfying to watch, such as this TikTok which has been watched more than 660K times:

@victoriayousif_Sign writting PERFECTION @maditowel on the 📷 #satisfying #bunnings #bunningsgirls #xyzcba♬ Stunnin’ (feat. Harm Franklin) – Curtis Waters


“I’ve always wondered how on earth they always look the same and are handwritten,” one commented.

“All of these signs I’ve ever seen in my life look like they’ve been written by the same person. How?” was another.

“Do they teach you how to do this or are people literally just born with this skill because I could not?”

Commenters that had worked at the hardware giant also chimed in saying it was part of the store’s ‘merch standards’ and that every store has ‘one or two’ employees who were really good at it.

Bunnings general manager-operations Ryan Baker told 7NEWS that they actually have calligraphy courses available to staff.

“However we do find many team members have a natural talent for it.”





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