While no industry has been spared by the pandemic, one that was hit hard and fast was entertainment.

On Monday night’s episode of Flashpoint, Perth-based comedian Peter Rowsthorn explained how tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of work simply vanished.

“You were on a plane from Melbourne,” Lisa recalled.

“…and within the space of the flight, $40,000 worth of gigs was gone and, within a week, the whole foreseeable future of bookings… was gone.”

Rowsthorn was unusually deadpan in his response: “Yeah.”

However, after initially panicking and rocking oneself in the corner, he said that just had to get his head around it and that everyone was in the same boat.

“There’s something comforting about the entire world going ‘oh jeez, this isn’t good’,” he said.


“So, I thought, OK, I’ll just do the same thing I did during the GFC and do some country gigs – apparently not.”

Then there were bans on groups of 100 inside.

“That’s OK, beer gardens! We’ll do beer gardens!” Rosethorne said.

“Oh, no.”

He then remembered he had a teaching degree.

“I’ll go and teach! Then, what do they do, shut down the schools! I had nothing!”


Last week, after going through all the hoops, Pete got his truck licence.

“I’ve done everything except get the job”

While Pete is yet to be hired in the transport industry, he’s also looking at teaming up with comedy pals like Glenn Robbins doing a web series.

“Around comedians and mental health and pumping that into the minesites”

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