If you’re the bloke who jumped from a roof awning into the Scarborough Beach Pool, the City of Stirling is looking for you.

Last week, the Bell Tower Times posted a clip of a shirtless man, wearing boardies and sneakers, sliding down a super-curved roof (almost stacking it but quickly regaining his balance) before diving head first into the pool, where people were swimming.

He is then seen climbing out of the pool, making an adjustment to his shorts before taking off towards the grassed area.

Mayor Mark Irwin said it was the first trespass like this he was aware of in the past six months.

“Trespassing is an offence and the City is currently reviewing CCTV footage in collaboration with WA Police to identify the person,” he told PerthNow.

He added that while the City had completed a thorough risk management review before the pool opened, it may now consider “corrective” action following the incident.



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