Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, WA is now girding its loins for an absolute shellacking this weekend in what’s being described by some as ‘the storm of the decade’.

Severe weather is expected this Sunday and Monday, as a “significant” deep low-pressure system moves towards the coast, bringing a long period of strong winds and heavy rain.

What’s weird about this one is that the system is about to cross paths with a cold trough, and when that happens, things are going to get hectic.

According to the Bureau, winds over the period are likely to clock 100km/h.

“In some spots we could even see winds exceeding 125km/h, it just depends on the weather system as it moves through,” duty forecaster Luke Huntington told 96FM.

“The system is quite a lot worse than the typical winter cold front; it is actually quite unusual.”


The action is expected kick off on Sunday afternoon and the strong conditions will continue through Monday and won’t really start to ease until later that day.

“Tuesday we should be back to quieter conditions,” Mr Huntington said.

Rainfall along the coast

Pilbara – likely to cop around 20-40mm

Karratha to Kalbarri – up to 100mm

Kalbarri to Albany – around 20-30mm and some isolated falls up to 70mm


Seas and swell

Peak wave heights in excess of 8m predicted for much of the west coast on Monday, leading to significant beach erosion. Storm tides are also likely to be dangerous and could lead to coastal inundation.


  • Sunday – min 15, max 21
  • Monday – min 10, max 18

Reports have called the storm both ‘once in a 5 year’ and ‘once in a decade’ which, not gonna lie, aligns well with the 10-year anniversary of the Great Perth Storm Of 2010… but the Bureau reckons it’s more the former.

“It’s a system that we probably see every sort of 5 years or so.”


Up-to-date monitoring, forecast and warnings can be found here.


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