A new video from the AFL has showcased Optus Stadium as we’ve never seen it – touring the entire venue, even between the seats, in one take.

The clip is narrated by none other than legendary footy commentator Dennis Cometti and really, the message is for the Dogs and Dees fans who can’t be here.

“My beautiful Perth, I love it as much as I love footy,” he says.

“We know how much Doggies and Demons fans would love to fill these seats,” he continues as the drone dips between the seats like a scene out of Star Wars.

“But be sure of this: we’ll cheer for your team as if they belong here. The west is honoured to be the custodians of this one day in September, and so wishes to do you proud.”

As the drone flies close to the turf, circling the perimeter of the playing field before resting at the Premiership Cup at the centre.

Check it out here:


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