Eddie McGuire has said he could go to Tasmania and do two weeks’ quarantine if he was desperate to be in Perth for the AFL Grand Final.

He’s been refused entry into the state with WA Police knocking back his GTG Pass as he is not deemed an ‘essential’ person.

McGuire told Channel Nine’s Footy Classified that he could evade the ban.

“I was in negotiations with the WA Government to go over there to bring Millionaire Hot Seat and do a grand final extravaganza like the old days at the Perth Entertainment Centre,” he said.

“In fact, if I still wanted to go, I could go. I’d just have to go to Tasmania for two weeks.”

He expressed disappointment and said it was “unfair” that journalists such as Garry Lyon were permitted to travel to Perth for the event.

McGuire also explained why his two sons were also involved in discussions.


“Disappointingly, my two boys have been dragged into this – who are professional producers on here and Fox Footy,” he told the program.

“In the end, we thought don’t worry about it, and only one application went in and it was for me.”

“It got knocked on the head by the WA Chief Commissioner and I go: ‘I accept your position and I move on’.

“I haven’t complained and I’m not complaining now, I’m explaining.

“Thank God they only have it for one year.”


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