Legendary actor Ernie Dingo says he ‘whacked’ a man who racially vilified him at Perth train station on Wednesday morning.

Mr Dingo, a Yamatji man, told Ngaarda Media that he was waiting for passengers to get off a train about 8am when a man walking past racially abused him.

“I chased him and scruffs him,” Mr Dingo told the outlet.

“[I said] ‘say it again’. He is scared now and I whack him on the right side of his head.

“He slips and falls trying to get away, his foot falls between the platform and the train. I drag his arse away from the edge [and] as he is laying there I ask again ‘say it again, give me an excuse to whack you’. He doesn’t,” he said.

Mr Dingo then said two men came to help him and claimed the man who made the slur had an intellectual disability.

“Well if he is gunna say that sh*t to me, I’ll have a go at him,” he told Ngaarda Media. “I’m 63, I don’t take that sh*t from anyone.”


Mr Dingo said he was aware his actions might make the media, saying that he was sure it was captured on CCTV.

“If it does, you heard it from me first and I wouldn’t have minded if I caught the next train rather than not do anything about it and be angry on the train.”

According to the ABC, a Public Transport Authority spokesperson said CCTV vision would not be released, and that they would not be referring it to police.

“The PTA would not as a matter of course report an incident like this directly to WA Police,” they said.

“We would advise a complainant to formally report an incident to WA Police if they wished to pursue it further.”

Ngaarda Media with ABC