The WA government is considering whether to grant exemptions for dozens of east coast workers ahead of the Perth Royal Show next month.

The WA Agricultural Society has applied for exemptions for up to 70 interstate workers.

Mark McGowan says they won’t be risking the health of any West Aussie:

“As to whether carnival workers from the east to Western Australia, that’s yet to be decided,” he said.

“…but what we’re not going to do is compromise our safety and quarantine arrangements for the Royal Show, so we’ll have to work with them to make sure that there’s appropriate rules and requirements put in place.”

AMA WA Branch President Dr Andrew Miller said there’ll be a big public health risk if workers are allowed to skip the 14-day quarantine period.

“If we have to do without one or two rides, if we have to go without extra laughing clowns, then I’m sure the people of Western Australia will understand.”


He added that the Show would still have plenty of entertainment without letting in ride operators from interstate.

“It only takes one person who’s positive,” he said. “And with the situation as it is in Victoria at the moment, we’ve gotta stay humble, we’ve gotta stay agile and reducing to zero would be better than bringing in 70.”