A fake pedestrian crossing on a road in Baldivis will be removed as soon as possible, but some locals are keen for it to stay.

City of Rockingham councillor Matt Whitfield posted a picture of the ‘illegal’ crossing on Monday.

“This ‘appeared’ over the weekend,” he wrote.

“This is not approved by the City or Main Roads, and it is not a legal crossing.

“This is not a supervised crossing and it does not comply with any safety standards.

“The City will be removing these markings as soon as possible.”


Mr Whitfield also noted that the location of the crosswalk, on Makybe Drive between Delta Road and Phar Lap Parade, was on a “decently busy road”.

At 250 comments and 51 shares, the post has racked up a lot more activity than usual for Mr Whitfield.

Most comments were in support of whoever painted the crossing:

It’s much needed! Good job whoever did it

Probably got sick of waiting years for council to make a decision about putting one there

Classic. Why would you waste tax payers money removing


Why don’t the council just register it instead of removing it

Maybe the locals are trying to tell you something if they done this themselves

Clearly the person has done it for the kids safety

I think they need to be hired by the council

Well maybe they should consider putting one there permanently then. As someone thinks that this road needs one

And of course, some that agreed with Mr Whitfield:


This could kill someone because it has not been designed nor implemented correctly.

Road Safety Council Chairman Iain Cameron told ABC that it was an unusual situation.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of it,” he said.

“I suspect that person may be very concerned about crossing the road there, or for others…but we can’t just have crosswalks painted everywhere”

He also said that it could create confusion for pedestrians and motorists and therefore could actually do more harm than good.