In other ‘why doesn’t stuff like this ever happen to me’ news, a Darch bloke who forgot to buy an avo has ended up pocketing $200,000.

The man, in his 30s, said he bought taco ingredients for dinner, but before heading home realised he forgot the avocado.

“My wife was going out to dinner, so I was looking after the kids who wanted Mexican,” he said.

“I forgot to buy an avocado and went back into the shops, that’s when I saw the newsagency and decided to treat myself.”

Friends, that treat was a $20 Golden Ticket from The Lucky Charm Greenwood, which soon turned into $200,000.

“I never buy these things and when I realised what I had won, I was a quivering mess,” he said.

“Ironically, the avocado was never used for dinner that night, so I might try and find a way to preserve it as a memento.”


He also said he planned to use the windfall to help find a bigger family home.

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