I kept seeing this red-tinged picture in my newsfeed and immediately felt unsettled, so naturally I clicked on it.

The creators of Séance and Flight are at it again.

It’s called Coma, the third instalment of UK immersive-theatre company Darkfield’s popular shipping-container productions.

This one takes participants inside a pitch-black container where they lay down in bunk beds and are subjected to an experience cantered around Darkfield’s signature 360-degree audio.

“The beds are stacked in three tiers, each hosting an uncomfortably rigid vinyl mattress,” Broadsheet reported last year of the immersive experience.

“It feels as though we’re in a hospital, mental asylum or jail. It’s warm, and my skin sticks to the vinyl.”

Oh mannnn, I’m already getting 28-Days Later vibes.


The half-hour experience stretches the mind, allowing the group to fall into a dream state together by cleverly using the other senses – sound, smell and taste.

“Are the whispers and chatter coming from your headphones or the container?” the Broadsheet reporter Ellen Morgan continued of her Coma experience.

“Is there really someone inside the container, pacing between the bunks? Can you smell them? Did your friend cough? What is real and what is not? These are the questions whizzing through my brain as I navigate the total darkness before me.

“Once the time is up, our dazed and confused bodies wobble out of the doors, grasping for words to share with our fellow guests. Nobody says a word to the punters eagerly awaiting entry. It’s as though there’s a collective decision that what happens inside, stays inside.”




Coma is now on at the Woodside Pleasure Garden, head here for tickets.


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