The WA Premier has really been sticking to his guns throughout this whole COVID thing, which is why we’ve made a beeline into Phase 3.

It’s also been a major concern for those in WA’s north, that despite there being a huge push to travel within the state… it’s still really expensive to fly there.

This week, the price for a Perth to Broome flight in July was reported to have skyrocketed from $199 to $500.

Mark McGowan told Botica’s Bunch on Wednesday that he understood that, as an airline, pricey airfares to places like Broome and Kununurra is “kind of what you need to do”.

Instead, he suggested driving there.

“Lots of people can drive out there, to lots of places around the state, without catching aircraft,” he said, “I just urge West Australians to go out and see our state.”

After a pause, Lisa added, “…in your car.”


“If that’s what you choose,” McGowan countered.

“I did a car trip last year to Kalbarri with my wife and kids and it was great.”

Lisa agreed that Kalbarri was a good holiday, even declaring that it was un-Western Australian to not have a photo of yourself at Nature’s Window on the mantelpiece at home.

Now, we’re not saying he was deflecting, but our Premier wasn’t done talking about his epic car trip.

“Guess who I saw there?” he said.

“Who?” Lisa responded.


“Pav,” he said.

“Pav! What a great ambassador,” Lisa said.

McGowan still wasn’t finished.

“The kids and I and my wife did a hike for about four hours and we were walking back and Pav was walking in and looking pristine.”

Lisa was impressed.

Four hours? I went on a hot day and I only made it from the bus port to the actual Window thing and that was enough for me.”


Speaking of brushes with the AFL, Mr McGowan also weighed-in on footy perhaps having a hub here in Perth.

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