Here’s the thing about holidays: you usually have to do some kind of travel to actually get there… and it’s usually a long drive.

If you’re not used to long drives, they can be surprisingly exhausting.

A whopping 70 per cent of serious crashes in WA are caused by fatigue.

When you think about it, when you’re tired, you just want to get there, right?

Well, that’s exactly why it’s a silent killer, you simply can’t trust yourself behind the wheel when you’re tired.

Here’s something that blew us away – a 5-second micro-sleep at 110km/hr is like travelling the length of a footy field with your eyes closed.

We want to see you again next year, so here’s some of Fred & Lisa’s fave tips for long drives…

  • Get a good rest the night before
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get there
  • Schedule several coffee and snack stops
  • Swap drivers every couple of hours if you can
  • If you’re yawning, it’s time for a break

…don’t trust your tired self.

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