Mark McGowan says he wouldn’t be surprised if Clive Palmer takes the WA government to court again over his latest threat to sue our state over the vaccine rollout.

In a nutshell, chief health officer Andy Robertson was sent a three-page letter in which Mr Palmer says he intends to “fund a class action” that would seek an “injunction” and “damages” if people in WA were coerced or incentivised to get vaccinated, the NCA NewsWire reported.

“Mr Palmer’s position is that … you are advocating for the vaccination of the Australian public on the basis of this incomplete, incorrect and misleading information,” his solicitor wrote in the letter.

“He seems to be obsessed with me,” McGowan told The Bunch on Thursday.

“We got a legal letter the other day from a lawyer in Queensland, threatening the vaccination program and requiring us to suspend it… obviously we’re ignoring that.”

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