Now that WA is having a massive amount of restrictions lifted, one incredibly important question remains… when will Bunnings bring back the sausage sizzle?

Firstly, instead of the Big Freeze event where the who’s who of sport and media are sent down the slide into Australia’s most famous ice bath at the Queen’s Birthday AFL blockbuster match at the MCG… Bunnings is holding an event in conjunction with a special broadcast on Monday, June 8 on Channel 7.

All Bunnings asking you to do is to RSVP ‘Going’ on their FightMND Facebook event and they’ll donate what you’d normally pay for a sausie – $2.50 – to help fight Motor Neurone Disease.

That’s it. Just click ‘going’ and they’ll donate on your behalf. Too easy.

OK, so, the big news is that Bunnings Sausage Sizzle will be back after being suspended in March.

“The Bunnings sausage sizzle is an integral community fundraiser and we know both our team and customers are eager to see it return,” said Bunnings Managing Director, Mike Schneider.

“Unfortunately, this and other in-store activities remain suspended while we focus on providing a safe environment in our stores during this time… we can’t wait to bring this much-loved community program back,” he said.


So there you go, it’s confirmed it will be back.

What hasn’t been confirmed, is when.

We thought that WA might be an exception considering Phase 3, you know, that it might be brought back earlier than our eastern states mates.

“In terms of whether the sausage sizzle will return state-by-state or nationally…” a Bunnings spokesperson told 96FM.

“This decision hasn’t been made yet.”



They’re going to let us know when they do, so watch this space.


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