If you’ve ever wanted to go hunting for Velociraptors in your very own Jurassic Park jeep, look no further than Facebook Marketplace.

This 1997 Jeep Wrangler, only four years older than the original movie, is a little different to the two electric vehicles that took Alan, Ian, Ellie, the kids and the lawyer along for that first doomed ride around the park – but it’s a dead ringer for the petrol-fuelled ones that the park’s staff drove.

Anyway, your inner child is about to go bonkers, especially if you’re in Perth… because you can own a replica.

The seller says this about the vehicle:

“Built on a 1997 TJ wrangler, this vehicle has been fitted with earlier YJ bonnet, fenders, grill, flares, mag wheels and side steps.

“Screen accurate 102-inch whip antenna and brand new BFGoodrich all-terrain tyres.”


The seller goes on to say that the original YJ Jeeps seen in the movie weren’t released in Australia which is why it’s a modified TJ.

“This is a one of a kind vehicle and turns a lot of heads.”

If you have a handy $12,500, it could be yours and you could have adventures like this:


Clever girl.

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