More than $3 million has already been raised after the historic Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund was activated on Wednesday to help victims of the bushfire still raging in Perth’s northeastern suburbs.

Premier Mark McGowan said the WA government would contribute $2 million to the fund and, within a half hour of the fund being activated, $60,000 had been donated on top of that.

At the time of publish, the fund was at $3,043,540.22




A total of 81 homes have been destroyed.


Department of Fire and Emergency Services commissioner Darren Klemm said the fund was the best way to help, with reports of people offering truckloads of donations.

“I think the best way people can help… [the fundraiser] is the best mechanism, to donate money into that fund and they know the money that is donated there is going to best support the community that is affected by the bushfires,” he said.

This is the 50th time the fund has been activated in the past 60 years — the first was after the fires that destroyed Dwellingup 1961.