While no new locally-acquired cases of COVID-19 were recorded overnight, the Premier confirmed that the security guard (case 1001) had tested positive to the US variant of the virus.

The guard, who is currently in hotel quarantine, had 58 close contacts, of whom have returned 26 negative tests so far. Seventeen of these contacts are from a cooking class he took.

He had 217 casual contacts, which 43 have returned negative tests so far.

The list of potential exposure sites has since been updated.

Meanwhile, as of Monday, May 3, over 50s are eligible to get vaccinated.

Mark McGowan, 53, and Roger Cook, 55, rolled up their sleeves and received the AstraZeneca jab on Monday morning at the Claremont Showgrounds which is home to a mass vaccination centre.

The pair are a some of the last of the leaders to be immunised, after McGowan having previously said he wouldn’t “jump the queue”.


“I didn’t feel a thing,” he said of getting jabbed. “It wasn’t a difficult experience. I encourage everyone to go get vaccinated when your turn comes.”

As well as the mass-vax centre at Claremont, more clinics are opening up progressively.

“There’s a clinic opening opening up in Kwinana, one in Joondalup and one at the airport,” McGowan said.

To make a booking, call 13COVID (13 26 843).

By May 17, GPs will be able to administer jabs for over 50s.

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