While chatting about the boozy lot who mistook Kevin Rudd for their Uber driver, it seems that our own Eagle Elliot Yeo isn’t immune to having his own random brush(es) with fame.

He told The Bunch that one was surfing mega star, Kelly Slater.

“it was when the Margaret River Pro was on,” he said.

“So, we had Kelly Slater on our flight, we were playing mid-year or whatever and we were all in business class and Kelly’s down the back.”

Clairsy was stunned: “Oh really? In cattle?”

Yeo nodded and laughed, “Yep, he couldn’t get in.”

After landing, some of the boys, including Yeoy, caught up with Slater and got some photos and did some general fanboying.


“He’s not as big as what you think,” Yeo added.

Speaking of size, there was someone else who stopped Yeo in his tracks when he was over in LA…

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