Drivers are being warned to remove any radar detectors from their vehicles with tough new penalties coming into effect in a couple of weeks.

From October 12, anyone caught with a device will be slapped with not just a $1200 on-the-spot fine, but SEVEN demerits.

Drivers of heavier vehicles, such as trucks, will cop a $1500 fine (and seven demerits).

It will finally bring WA into line with all other jurisdictions around the country, the last of which banned radar detectors two decades ago.

It follows the McGowan Government’s banning of laser jammers and electronic scramblers, which carry the same infringement penalties.

“It’s taken Western Australia 20 years to catch up with the rest of the country, but I’m pleased we have at long last been able to ban radar detectors,” Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said.

“We are deliberately giving people plenty of warning before these new penalties come into effect… if you’ve got one of these devices on your vehicle, then get rid of it.”