For someone who has one of the fullest plates in Perth, one of the biggest concerns for the City of Perth electorate was Basil Zempilas’ availability to take on the role in an effective way.

“I have got a big capacity for work, I enjoy it, umm, I can make it fit and I can make it work,” the new Lord Mayor told Botica’s Bunch on Thursday before admitting a lot of the role was ceremonial.

“The sort of stuff you’ll see me do this weekend with Telethon for example, a lot of that is an extension of the job and I do feel well equipped.”

He said Channel 7 had been “terrific” in accommodating his new role and, going forward, there will be times when he won’t appear on the nightly news.

“Council meetings are on Tuesday nights and so I won’t be there on Tuesday nights whenever there are commitments with the City of Perth.”

But it was his comments regarding the future of the AFL commentary that was a different story.

“There’ll be a lot less footy to be honest,” Zempilas said.


“Most of the footy now, it’s a real changing of the guard caused by COVID, will be called out of Melbourne.

“The Grand Final, actually, this weekend may be one of the last games where the commentators are interstate and actually at the venue.

“I think from next year on, almost all the football commentary will come out of Melbourne from a special sports hub.”

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