WA Premier Mark McGowan has responded to the suggestion there’s been a shift in public perception after a new poll revealed that almost three-quarters of West Aussies would support a tentative date to lift WA’s hard border.

The poll, commissioned for the Tourism Council of WA, asked 804 West Aussies if the WA Government should set a tentative date to reopen the border, subject to health advice at the time.

A huge 72% of respondents supported the statement, while 28% didn’t.

It also showed that 7% were keen to maintain the border permanently if COVID-19 wasn’t completely eradicated in every state.

The poll came as COVID-19 restrictions finally started to ease in Victoria.

Unsurprisingly, Mr McGowan said while it was great news for Victoria, he would continue to do what’s so far worked.

“Our borders have worked; our arrangements have worked. Everything to keep the virus out of our state has worked,” he said on Tuesday afternoon.


It also means continuing to take the advice from the Chief Health Officer of WA.

“We will act on the basis of health advice – health advice,” he stressed.

“… because it’s resulted in great outcomes in WA at this point in time.”

Following the poll results, it was put to Mr McGowan that perhaps the public perception of the hard border was moving to opening.

“Most people want to be kept safe, that’s my perception,” he deadpanned.

“Were we to open the border interstate before we should and the virus comes back and we have to shut down the state and people were to die and businesses were to close, no one would thank us,” he added.


“Everyone would say, ‘why did you do that?’”


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