The last DVD rental store in Perth, is closing.

Titan Movies & Pop Culture announced the news on Facebook this week and, from now, all stock including movies, games, shelving, some TVs, couches and “other bits and bobs” will be on sale at the Malaga store.

“It’s been a very sad couple of days,” Co-owner Clayton Kieliszewski told Botica’s Bunch on Wednesday.

“It just means that the local Perth community won’t be able to rent a movie anymore, it’ll mean having to go online.”

Even more heartbreaking was that Titan’s closure could have been delayed by “about three or four years” if it weren’t for the pandemic.

And while Netflix was also a contributor to the store’s demise, Mr Kieliszewski said there was an even bigger problem – Hollywood.

“There’s no blockbusters coming out,” he said.


“We saw it last year where, you know, Black Widow and 007 got just delayed and delayed and delayed.

“The latest blockbuster that came out was Wonder Woman 1984 and that was a couple of months ago… and we’re still waiting for that to come to DVD.”

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Titan will soon rebrand as Titan Pop Culture.

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