Wheel clampers won’t be able to target Christmas shoppers this festive season, with Western Australia’s ban on the predatory practice in effect from today, December 14.

Business or individuals who use wheel clamping on private property will now face a $5,000 fine.

“It puts an end to wheel clampers making an easy buck by unfairly penalising customers for visiting two shops in the same complex,” Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said.

“We’ve heard dozens of stories about intimidating practices on behalf of wheel clamping companies, in many cases reducing people to tears.”

Owners and occupiers of private parking at businesses, local shops and residential stratas have a number of options available to control parking, including ticketing, standardised signage and enforcement through local parking agreements with local governments.

Towing of unauthorised vehicles will be used as a last resort.


The new law and brings WA into line with Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Northern Territory where wheel clamping – and other forms of vehicle immobilisation – have been outlawed.

If people have their vehicles clamped, they can contact the Department of Transport on 13 11 56.