All this panic-buying of toilet paper has, unfortunately, brought out the worst in some people.

Stories like how one shopper allegedly pulled a knife on another customer during an argument over toilet paper at a Woolies in NSW and how security guards are now manning the loo paper aisle.

So, we wanted to know what bad behaviour you’ve seen at the shops… and ooh boy, we had some doozies, including one that had Fred remarking that he had now ‘heard it all’.

One story that stuck out to us was from Pete in Byford, who witnessed an incident only yesterday.

“[I was] at the local supermarket and there was a woman walking around with a couple of kids getting groceries and handed the little lad a pack of toilet paper with about 8 rolls in it,” he told Botica’s Bunch.

The boy, as kids do, fell behind his mum as she shopped.

“[Then] some woman came up and grabbed the toilet rolls out of his hands and put them in his trolley,” Pete continued. “So, I just went up and, without saying a word, grabbed the toilet paper off her and gave it back to the wee lad.”


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