An absolute hero has created a handy 12-point list of ‘actual advice’ for Show-goers, including where to find the best toilets.

Redditor u/Harrylikesicecream posted the list on Wednesday, kicking off with…

Sideshow Alley

They said the ‘fairest’ sideshow game is the darts, at the ‘east end of the cattle walk’ and the second-best game is the Angry Birds catapult because although the prizes are ‘really sh*tty’, the kids get to ‘take some time and have fun with it.’

If you’re into superheroes such as Marvel, Harry says that you might want to try the newer Nerf gun games: “The games are pretty average but you get automatic decent prize even if you never [score a] hit.”

Harry said that there is a ton of physical attractions for the kids such as Ninja Warrior and blow-up playgrounds and warns parents to ‘prepare accordingly’ (we’re not too sure what that means).

Exhibits & Pavilions


For animals, best is the dog pavilion and the ‘cow lane’.

“The owners are generally lovely and will chat through things and let you pet their animals,” Harry said.

He added that the animal nursery had moved down closer to Sideshow Alley. “Don’t bother with the poultry exhibit in the old spot,” Harry says, “Everything’s in cages.”

If you’re into photography, he recommends the photography exhibit.


Harry’s advice when buying showbags is to remember to check if things are sold out, particularly later in the day.


“Staff are only here for ten days, so things are not always communicated or organised well – do it politely but be certain of what you’re getting.”


Harry reckons the best dessert is Milk Barrel Gelato in the food forum, while the “cheese fries in the food forum are also fantastic.”

Other points

The most underrated piece of advice Harry lists is the location of the “quietest toilets”.

  • During the day: beneath the main stand (RASWA office on the map).
  • At night: Gate 1 entertainment theatre.

The last point was that the fireworks was impressive and is “worth staying for, if you can.”

Let us know what tips you’d add to the list!


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