A bloke who directed traffic with a pool noodle during a blackout in Sydney has been hyped as a local hero.

On Monday, wild weather caused trees and power to go down in Sydney’s south, which included the traffic lights at a busy intersection.

Matt Roy told 10 Daily that shortly after he had driven home from work, he decided to head to the 6-lane, blacked-out intersection at Kingsway and Sylvania Road in Miranda to help.

“Even with the lights on, it’s a pretty sketchy place and I thought the one thing I can do is to get the lights moving,” he said.

“As I was running out the door, I saw a pool noodle and I thought, that’ll do.”


Mr Roy reckons he helped direct about 800 cars over a 2-hour period, helping emergency services, ambulances and police get through.

“I’m not a certified traffic controller but I know that intersection well so I could work it out,” he said.

He also got a lot of support from local commuters – someone gave him a high-vis vest and others brought him water and Gatorade.

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