It’s already been one funny week in lotto news and we’re still yet to get through the $40 million Powerball tonight.

As WA newsagents gird their loins for a surge this afternoon, a man from Morley has made a one-million-dollar mistake in the best way possible.

After discovering his ticket from Carramar Lottery Centre and News in Morley was a Division one prize, he went online to check his winnings.

“There were three winners, so I divided the prize by three and thought I had won around $500,000,” the man in his 80s said.

“I had the weekend and public holiday to think about what I would do with $500,000.

“I went to my retailer to double check my ticket and when he told me it was worth $1.6 million my gob hit the floor.”

The Morley couple already had plans to go overseas, however this win will now help them travel in style.


“When I thought I had won $500,000, I planned to upgrade our seats to business class, but now I’ll be going first,” he said.

Meanwhile, an Edgewater couple’s first purchase after winning $1.6 million at the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw was a simple kitchen appliance.

“My wife has already been to the shops to buy an air fryer,” the 40-year-old man told Lotterywest.

Botica’s Bunch jumped on the subject this morning… asking Perth if, they too, would splash out on an air fryer…

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Tonight, the Powerball draw prize is $40 million, which is a lot of air fryers.



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