It was during an announcement for Fringe World 2022 when Mark McGowan found out exactly how loud those oversized confetti cannons really are.

The Premier and Arts and Culture Minister David Templeman posted the announcement over social media on Friday

“I’m here with David Templeman, Minister for Culture and the Arts to let everyone know that Fringe World Festival will return in 2022, bigger and better,” McGowan said.

“The 2022 Fringe World Festival program is now available with a selection of more than 430 shows to enjoy.”

Templeman then chimed in, letting us know that not only would 75 per cent of this year’s program be made up of WA artists, but that the Perth Fringe was the third-largest Fringe in the world.

As the pair wrapped up their spiel, McGowan popped the confetti cannon… and got such a fright, he let not one f-bomb drop, but several.


After some uncontrolled laughing, Templeman made a quick exit stage left saying, “I had nothing to do with this”.

Templeman isn’t a stranger to the odd performance. Every year he sings his Annual Christmas song to the WA Parliament and it’s always a good laugh.

The 2022 Fringe World Festival kicks off on January 14 through to February 13.


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