By now you’ve probably heard the country love song dedicated to the WA Premier by Perth comedian Chelsea Jones.

Titled ‘Mark McGowan’, Ms Jones does nothing to hide her straight-up thirst.

“…do you wanna pick me up go to the pub and then grab a kebab with me Mark McGowan? I’m in love I’d do anything for ya and your hard, hard, hard… border.

“You’ve got the brains, you’ve got the rig, we’re sipping pints at the Swinging Pig. I think this man’s a keeper; he’s wearing the suit but still rocking the sneakers.”


What was also a must-watch this week was the WA Premier’s reaction to the ditty where Ms Jones admits that she’d “do anything for ya and your hard, hard, hard… border.”


Visibly blushing and sipping water, McGowan couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he listened to the track.

“She’s very talented,” he giggled to ABC’s Russell Woolf.

“I’ve been sent it by about 100 people,” he admitted. “Please stop sending it to me!”

McGowan reiterated to 96FM that Ms Jones was very funny.

“What she’s doing to promote Rockingham is terrific,” he told us.


“Chelsea, your tourism efforts on behalf of my town are much appreciated.”

Ms Jones appears in the video with a cardboard cut-out of Mr McGowan holding a kebab, a nod to his iconic COVID-19 kebab remark — “there’s nothing unlawful about going for a run and having a kebab” – said during a presser.

She reportedly said the cut-out cost $60 to make and the people of Rockingham would not stop giving it high-fives as the music video was shot.

The video has so far racked up 84,180 views since it was uploaded on August 30.

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