The Premier has clapped back over his home suburb coming second in the annual ‘Perth’s Sh-ttest Suburb’ survey.

I mean, at least it wasn’t first – that honour belongs to Armadale.

Twenty-three per cent of the vote by Sh-t Towns of Australia readers went to Armadale, while Rockingham took home the silver, followed by Midland.

  1. Armadale (23%)
  2. Rockingham (18%)
  3. Midland (12%)
  4. Fremantle (11%)
  5. Balga & Kwinana (tied at 9% each)

Rockingham man Mark McGowan, who is proudly pro-mullet, took umbrage at the list after Clairsy & Lisa broke the news to him on Wednesday.

“Whoever these people are, they’re a bunch of jerks,” he deadpanned.


“I’m unimpressed with these people… when they go get their vaccine, they’re going to get Nurse Ratchet as well.”

Lisa asked if he had to the power to run them out of town.

“I have the power to lock them in a hotel,” McGowan said with a chuckle.

It’s worth noting an honourable mention was given to Innaloo “for being too sh-t to win a sh-t suburbs poll even with a name like that”.

Armadale is now eligible for the national title of Australia’s Sh-ttest Suburb.

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