Provided everything goes well and no new COVID cases are posted before 6pm, Perth will transition into a post-lockdown period.

Squeezing us in before Friday’s National Cabinet meeting, Botica’s Bunch had a chat to Premier Mark McGowan following Thursday night’s presser and cleared up a couple of things… which ended in an apology.

McGowan reiterated that after 6pm, while the stay-home order will lift, travel roadblocks will remain in place and you won’t be able to leave the Perth or Peel region unless it’s for an essential purpose.

“If you just want to go on holidays, no,” he said.

Thing is, it also works the other way around, meaning Lisa’s mum Laurel can’t travel down from Gerro for her brother’s birthday this week.

“She’ll be very disappointed,” she said. “I know you’re very busy, but can you give her a call?”


McGowan said he’d make it a top priority.

“I have the National Cabinet Meeting, but I’ll duck out and give her a ring,” he teased before adding, “Laurel, I’m so sorry about your son’s birthday, I’ll make it up to you.”


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