More than 2000 tickets have already been snapped up for Perth’s newest attraction set to officially open on Australia Day.

The Matagarup Bridge climb is the first part of a staged launch of Matagarup Zip+Climb… meaning we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the ‘zip’ part.

The highly-anticipated zip-line won’t open until March.

The climb will involve a 314-step trek up the bridge’s main arch, taking climbers 58 metres to the Skyview platform before descending along the other side of the arch.

The company warns that the climb is physically demanding – 45-degree angles and climbers will need to “shimmy, slide and squeeze through tight spaces” before reaching the SkyView Deck – an open-air viewing platform 72 metres above the Swan River.

At $59, it’s one of the cheapest activities that Matagarup Zip+Climb will have on offer. And that’s just during the day.

The same climb at sunset or during a full-moon is $89 and $109 respectively.


Minister Rita Saffioti  was giving the climb a red-hot go on Friday.

“I will be climbing the bridge for the first time today, and I am looking forward to seeing our beautiful Swan River and surrounds from a unique bird’s eye view,” she said.

“The finishing touches are now being applied to the zip-line ride, which will begin operating once all necessary safety and operational approvals are in place.”

Matagarup Zip+Climb has also released prices for when the zip line opens in a few weeks’ time.

Also at $59 will be the Express Zip, where punters will still climb the bridge, but only to the launch platform which is 35 metres above the river… before stepping off and flying 400 metres over the Swan at up to 75km/hour! Again, that price is a day price.

Like the climb, a sunset or full-moon Express Zip is also $89 and $109 respectively.


If you want to do both, a daytime Zip + Climb is $99.

A sunset experience is $119 and one during a full moon is $139.



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