While many of us were keeping across Telethon over the weekend, about 2000 people turned out in the city to protest mandated vaccines.

While a lot of anger was directed at the premier, Clairsy & Lisa asked Mark McGowan how he handled the criticism.

“Well, I didn’t go,” he deadpanned on Tuesday morning before later saying that people are free to protest but to please do it peacefully, as those on the weekend did.

He also hinted there was more mandates to come.

“We are going to mandate more workforces, because that’s one important way of one, protecting people in vulnerable occupations and essential areas and two, it gets our vaccination rate up more quickly.”

Thing is, there’s something else that might boost the vaccination rate.

Looking forward, those who are not vaccinated and want to travel, will find themselves at an impasse.


And it seems that Lisa and McGowan have the same idea about how this scenario will play out.

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