A pet snake answering to the name of Bonnie has gone missing in Perth’s south.

Bonnie’s owner Jason, a FIFO worker, said he realised she disappeared about a week ago.

“I went to feed my snakes Bonnie and Clyde and noticed Bonnie was missing,” he said.

Bonnie was recently spotted near the high school in Atwell, with the following post appearing on a community Facebook page:

“Dogs went crazy so locked them in. Closed every door and window and called the snake catcher,” it read. “He said it’s a python and most probable someone’s pet, harmless.”

At the time, the snake was on top of the resident’s roof.


“Not sure how long it will stay there but someone must be missing him/her.”

The snake catcher was unable to find the snake, but it’s understood it was hiding in the roof.

Jason said he went to the house and would return tomorrow after laying a fresh delicious rat to help entice Bonnie out from the roof.

“I’ve been keeping snakes for about six years, “ he said. “You don’t have to walk them and they are easy to feed when I’m away.”

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