They’re some of the hottest new items for Christmas, but new regulations about to drop for riders of ‘eRideables’ could also mean big new fines.New

On December 4, rules surrounding e-scooters, electric unicycles, electric skateboards, electric rollerskates, one-wheel electric scooters and hoverboards will come into effect.

These laws for riders include:

  • Riders of electric-powered devices capable of speeds up to 25km/h must be aged over 16
  • Children under 16 are limited to motorised scooters with a maximum speed of 10km/h or 200w power output
  • eRideables will be limited to 10km/h on footpaths and under 25km/h on bicycle paths, shared paths and local roads where the speed limit is under 50km/h
  • Similar road rules to driving a car apply, including no drink or drug driving and a ban on mobile phone use
  • Helmets and lights and reflectors at night are compulsory

Fines include:

  • Anyone caught exceeding the 10km/h footpath speed limit could be fined 100
  • Fines for speeding over posted local road limits range from $100 to $1200
  • Riding without sufficient lighting will incur a $100 penalty
  • Riding with no hands on the handlebar, failing to wear a helmet or not giving way to a pedestrian will attract a $50 fine
  • Mobile phone use, including texting, watching a video, viewing a photograph while riding will attract $1000.

The new regulations will bring WA into line with Queensland, the ACT and New Zealand.



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