Massive queues at petrol stations on Mondays could be a thing of the past as Perth’s fuel cycle looks set for a shake-up.

For the past 5 years, the guaranteed cheapest petrol was sold on a Monday before a sharp rise on Tuesday.

Thing is, over the past few weeks, Fuelwatch have noticed enough of a change that could determine a new pattern.

Last week, for instance, instead of jumping around 20c per litre every Tuesday after ‘cheap Monday’, the price of fuel only went up 10c per litre and today (February 11), it’s only gone up 7c per litre.

Perth is the only market in the country that has a weekly cycle – other capitals’ cycles range from two to eight weeks.

FuelWatch will monitor prices over the next few weeks to see if this is permanent but the advice for motorists is that Sunday and Monday are still the days to fill up.

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