“Weird” is how Adam Simpson described having the boys back at training this week, albeit in groups of eight.

The West Coast Eagles coach joined Botica’s Bunch on Thursday morning, and these were some of our fave takeaways from the chat…

On the little things they now can’t do

While players were excited to have others to bounce off, finally, the protocols now in place meant they can’t do things they would normally do.

“We can’t be in a locker room, we can’t have any balls inside, there’s social distancing in the gym… there’s no high-fives,” he said.

Lisa chimed in “no friendly tap on the bot after a goal…”

“Nooo, no, all those things,” Simpson said.


On how lean some of the players are looking

“I think they’re fit,” he joked.

“They’re all looking good… we’ll just see how they go in a couple of weeks when they start hittin’ bodies… but yeah, there’s new haircuts, I noticed that.”

He also admitted that, on their return, some players were actually in better shape than he anticipated.

“It just shows you the professionalism of the players these days.”

On staying at the same hotel as the Fremantle Dockers


“Peter Bell was in my wedding party, so we’re good friends… and obviously Justin [Longmuir] was at the Eagles as an assistant coach for three or four, five years as well,” Simpson said.

“As much as that’s nice, I don’t really want to see them over there.”

After some awk laughter, Simpson levelled the ledger by saying that the Dockers would probably feel the same way.

On conjugal visits

Lisa brought up the issue of family visitation while the club is over at the Gold Coast hub and recalled that Channel 7’s Ryan Daniels had described it as a possible ‘conjugal visit’.

“That’s a pretty big sacrifice to go to Queensland just for a conjugal visit,” Simpson joked. “You gotta come back [to WA] and quarantine.”


He did mention that, in all seriousness, that to visit then have to come back to WA, the mandatory two-week quarantine that follows can disrupt families, school and jobs.

“It sounds pretty easy to do but it’s a lot to weigh-up”

On Jeremy McGovern and Elliot Yeo  

“I reckon [Gov] is trying to prove to everyone that you don’t need a footy club to train and that he can have a remote program and just come back three weeks before the season starts next year,” Simpson joked.  “That’s his plan.”

“Yeoy’s a little bit different, he likes to fight,” he said. “His natural attributes lean towards the contest and I think he misses fighting with his teammates as much as he misses fighting the opposition… the quicker we get back the better for him.”

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