A Cottesloe bakery is being dragged by several people and at least one dog at a recent council meeting for issues including having to endure the smell of baking bread.

A development application regarding the North Street Store was raised last Tuesday, where issues such as the shop’s square-meterage and noise was questioned, The Post Newspaper reported.

But it was the complaint of bakery aromas – reportedly by three people – which has Perth in a spin, mainly because, well, what a problem to have.

One neighbour of the bakery, said the smell was present “24 hours a day” and “It makes us very hungry to experience bread cooking for most of the day.”

It’s worth noting that by “us”, she also meant her Labrador dog.

Her husband also took the time to complain to the council about the smell.

Another neighbour, Pete, had the same gripe, with the paper reporting he said the smell hit him “all the time” and “I can smell onion and garlic – it’s not on.”


Pete also complained about vermin found on his own property, which had not only gone unreported to council, but the bakery denied they were from the business, citing a recent health inspection which “brought up no problems”.

Another neighbour said that due to store having ovens, it was a fire risk.

The bakery owners have since invited councillors to visit the business.

The story has since gone a bit viral, with most wishing they lived next door to a bakery.

“Oh and FYI Labradors are always hungry regardless of food smells they have a defective gene that does not allow their appetite to switch off,” was one online comment.

“Just horrible some of the things people have to endure in their lives! This is absolutely no exception. Baguettes out for Cottesloe,” was another.


“Feel very bad for these people. Living in Cottesloe, a 10 minute walk to the beach, and having one of Perth’s best bakeries on your doorsteps. Must be a hard life. I really hope the council steps in here.”

Ugh, same.

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