Not even a pandemic could stop hundreds lining up for Costco’s official opening in Perth.

Customers reportedly began lining up at the bulk-buy retailer around 4am, which grew to an ‘astronomical’ queue.

By 7am, the line had wrapped around the 14,000sqm warehouse… twice.

Shopper Victoria, one of the first to line up, told Nine News Perth that she and her shopping mates got there at 3.50am.

“We had to UberEats Maccas and apparently it was [the driver’s] fourth delivery today, to the line.”


Doors opened half an hour earlier than the advertised 8am because lines were so long.

“Costco workers had to the open early to manage the astronomical queue,” Nine reporter Kamin Gok told Botica’s Bunch.

But get this – there was a separate queue for toilet paper. WTF.

“People have spent their whole morning lining up in a queue to get into another queue,” Kamin said.

“The toilet paper queue is so long and just as slow but anyone who’s looking to get other items can walk straight in.”


Kamin also noticed, interestingly, that people weren’t actually panic-buying.

“People [coming out of the store] didn’t have much in their trolleys, it looks like they just needed some bog roll”

“They have a staff member in the back corner, handing it out, managing it, so no one is getting more than their fair share.”

“It’s surreal.”



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