He may not be the most popular around the country over his firm stance over WA’s hard border… but it’s a different story here, particularly in Rockingham.

One of his local pubs is celebrating the Prem’s announcement of Phase 4 of the state’s roadmap to recovery by slinging free meals to anyone named Mark.

From Saturday, freedoms like standing up at the pub, going to watch sport or heading out to a nightclub will return.

Not long after the announcement, Rocko’s Swinging Pig made their own announcement, not only offering a free meal for McGowan, but anyone named Mark –  including any Marc’s Marcus’ and Marco’s.

“You can trust the boy from Rocko to sort it out!” the Swinging Pig said on Facebook.

“In case you haven’t heard, our mate Marko’s done it again! Saturday 27 June brings even more joy as you’ll be able to stand with a pint again, plus a bunch of other great stuff!

“To help give our mate Mark a huge thumbs up, all weekend we’re doing ‘Mark Eats Free’ for anyone named Mark!”


Clearly drunk on their own happiness, the pub has also promised to shout the whole pub a pint if McGowan rocks up… which, friends, he is.

On Tuesday, the Premier responded with a robust “why not?”

“I’ll go down to the Swinging Pig and hopefully they deliver – hopefully it’s not a pony or a shandy. Hopefully it’s a pint,” he added.

Check out the vid up top! 

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