Popular Perth radio personality Paul Redman sadly passed away yesterday.

He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2008 and later battled stomach cancer.

Redman was a key personality who worked alongside some of the biggest names in Perth radio, particularly in the 90’s.

His comedy writing kicked off in 1989 on The Eagle’s (now 1080 6IX) Morning Zoo before moving on to PMFM 92.9 in the early 90’s to create the Morning Crew with Gary Shannon and Amanda Walsh. Later joined by Jane Marwick and Bernie Brittain.

In the late-90s, after some time out of radio, Redman joined 96FM, with Gary Kay and Deanne Bishop as ‘Redman & Kay’.

One of the most memorable moments was when he had a vasectomy live on-air.

In his ‘What A Week It’s Been’ segment, Redman was able to indulge his passion of music and comedy. He was also a member of the Australian band, Kids In The Kitchen.


Five years ago, Redman left Perth for a less fast-paced life in Augusta, where he could focus on his health and family.

He died at Fiona Stanley Hospital early on Thursday morning.

He is survived by his two adult children, Jack and Holly.

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