A party held at the Karrinyup Lakes Lifestyle Village had to be shut down by local council over what was clearly an absolute rager on Saturday night.

About 90 residents, aged 50-90, had been cutting the rug and enjoying a party with a live band when “the fun police” showed up.

The City of Stirling said they received “multiple noise complaints.”

Party host Kerry Bessen said she had notified the council of the party as a courtesy but didn’t think the retirees would end up being the problem.

“[The rangers] were asking me where my permit was and I said I didn’t know I had to have one for a private party,” she told 6PR.

After they were told to shut it down, she said the rangers legit returned about 10.30pm to make sure they had, in fact, wound it up.

“Oh, Joan’s out of control,” resident Simon told Nine News Perth, referring to his fellow resident. “No two ways about it.”


Another said he wasn’t really that bothered about the noise.

“I’m partially deaf,” he said.

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