In a stunning turnaround, Kosmic Sound have been thrown a lifeline.

In early February, Kosmic announced they were in liquidation and closing their doors after more than 50 years in the business.

The reaction across Perth at the time had been a mix of sadness and disbelief.

However, on Friday, it was reported that South Australian music retailers the Dale Cleves Music Group, who also operate the Australian Piano Warehouse in North Perth were the white knights for Kosmic’s owner, John Goldsmith.

“Kosmic is a local institution and, like John who made it what it was, music is in our blood,” Cleves said.

“We know many people would be sad to see it go, so we thought we’d step in and make sure it continued on and was in good hands.

“It would be a tragedy to see such an iconic name disappear from the Perth market.


“We know retail can be tough but we refuse to believe local musos don’t want to still come in and touch and play their instruments and get advice from locals who know what they’re talking about, before they buy them.”

Goldsmith was thrilled that Kosmic will still be part of a family business with real people and not a faceless corporation.

“There’s a couple of those sorts of businesses around at the moment and that’s not what Kosmic has ever been about.

“It’s been heartbreaking to think the business might end after all these years, so to have the Cleves family step in and understand what Kosmic was about and bring it back to life has been fantastic.”

Kosmic Music should re-open later this month.

Pic credit: Ian Munro/The West Australian

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