It’s a tale as old as time – the Swan River has divided us into ‘north’ or ‘south’ and never the twain shall meet.

Not west, not east and never central – north or south.

Thing is, a new reason for those supporting southside has popped up and, as someone from the northern ‘burbs, it’s not something I’d ever considered before.

And, not gonna lie, it’s a lil bit compelling.

It all started when Tiktokker @sorryhavewemet posted a provocative as hell clip simply stating that:

‘If you’re from Perth just know that the south side of the river is the better side,’ and backed it up with a ‘just facts’ caption.

No reasons given but hey, OK.


But it was a response to this clip that is currently on its second day living rent-free in my head.

@jarradhayward##stitch with @sorryhavewemet stay mad north folk

♬ original sound – Jarradhayward

“I just can’t agree more,” began @jarradhayward.

“I couldn’t imagine driving into the city and seeing the backs of all the buildings.”

I’m not sure Jarrad has realised what he’s done here.

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