If you weren’t married at Bridgeleigh, chances are you’ve probably been to a wedding there… either way, some bittersweet news.

Bridgeleigh Reception Centre looks set to be redeveloped as a retirement village.

Since the 80s, Bridgeleigh has held more than 7000 weddings on the huge 4-hectare bush property.

Bridgeleigh part-owner and manager Michael Deane told the Wanneroo Times the venue would close in five months.

“It’s been coming apparent over recent years that single purpose reception centres are no longer viable,” he said.

He added that the owners didn’t want to just demolish the buildings and let the gardens become neglected.

“Our vision is to create a sustainable future for this site.”


This included converting the existing building into a community centre, cafe and administration for an aged care facility and retaining the garden as public open space.

Councillors unanimously agreed to progress the application – with a condition that the landowners enter a voluntary, binding agreement with the City regarding developer contributions for future infrastructure.

If the situation arises that the application doesn’t go ahead, the alternative would mean the owners would sell to a developer and almost all the trees would be lost.