After a ton of speculation, it’s been confirmed that Sacha Baron Cohen performed a third show at Perth’s Comedy Lounge overnight.

“We bought a ticket expecting Perth amateur comedians,” a Perth comedy fan said.

“All of a sudden, Rove McManus comes up on stage and says, ‘I got a special guest for everyone tonight’ and Brüno comes walking through,” referencing Baron Cohen’s gay Austrian TV host character from his 2009 mockumentary flick of the same name.

The fan said he had an inkling that Baron Cohen would perform again on Thursday night after receiving an email confirmation of his booking which mentioned that audience members had to hand over any phones or cameras.

“We had a pretty good idea he was going to be there again.”

The man also confirmed that nipple clamps were, indeed, used in the show.

Online, another suggested that maybe Baron Cohen could perhaps develop another character “based on WA yokels to thrash mercilessly.”


Rumours swirled that Baron Cohen was doing a secret show or two surfaced after he and his wife, Perth-raised Isla Fisher, returned to Perth after attending the CinefestOz festival last weekend.

While he didn’t have any official appearances at the festival, Baron Cohen signed a postcard for those working at the Busselton Jetty after checking out the underwater observatory, writing that it was ‘very niiice’.

It was reported that the couple moved from LA to Sydney with their three children last year but are now expected to stay in Perth for at least the next couple of months.

“I know his (Baron Cohen’s) kids are going to a Perth school at the moment,” one said on Reddit. “[My] friends kids go to the same school [and the] whole school got a ‘treat these kids like any other’ speech. So I believe he’s here to stay for a while.”

In other secret comedy news, a recent podcast spilled that Ross Noble was “doing a secret TV show” in Perth.

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