The WA Premier hasn’t written-off the idea that our hard border would still be shut over Christmas.

He made the comment while chatting to Botica’s Bunch on Tuesday.

When asked what his plans were over Christmas, considering travel over east to see extended family was off the table, he immediately cleared it up that if the borders were still closed at that point in time.

“We haven’t actually made the decision that the borders will be closed at Christmas,” he said.

He also added when the decision would be made, hit PLAY below to listen in…

Last week, both the Federal and State Budgets assumed the WA border would be closed until April 1, however a footnote in the almost-1500-page document stressed the assumption made by the Treasury for “forecasting purposes only, rather than government policy.”


Under current health advice, the borders won’t reopen until the eastern states go 28 days without community spread.



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