Look, I’m not gonna lie here but I was today years old when I found out that the largest rock in the world is actually in WA.

Mt Augustus is in the Shire of Upper Gascoyne, 850 kilometres north of Perth, and isn’t just bigger than Uluru, it’s more than twice its size.

Its officially the world’s largest monolith (a single massive stone) and anticline (an arch of stratified rock with layers that bend down in opposite directions from the crest).

Known to the local Wadjari people as Burringurrah, it sits 717 metres high and is visible from the air for more than 160 kilometres.

It’s roughly 8 kilometres long and covers an area of around 47 square kilometres.

As a comparison – Uluru is 346 metres high and covers just over 3 square kilometres.


I’m sorry but I can’t get over this.


If you love adventure, the local indigenous community have given permission for anyone who wants to climb it, as long as its during the day, and it’s considered an amateur climber’s paradise. Even for more experienced climbers, the summit climb Augustus’ most difficult at Class 5 (high level of fitness required).

If you’re a mad keen photographer, one thing Augustus has in common with Uluru are the changes in colour from sunrise to sunset – there’s also a huge amount of bird and animal life.

And don’t even mention the place during wildflower season… I mean… c’mon…


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