It’s June and the AFL season is on the eve of a restart and that’s just such a weird sentence to write.

What also felt weird was not having our Elliot Yeo in the studio for a chat – instead he was, after months of no footy, finally over on the Gold Coast about to pick up where the season left off.

And yes, he’s already run into some Dockers, who are staying at the same hotel.

“Everything was all good at the resort until they rocked up,” Yeo joked with Botica’s Bunch on Thursday.

But, while the boys aren’t exactly on holiday, they’re home either. So if they’re not playing or training, what are they getting up to?

“You can get out and about,” Yeo said. “There’s like six cars, I think there’s like two sedans and four minibuses.”

But unfamiliar vehicles – particularly minibuses – can take some time getting used to.


“I was driving a minibus and this thing’s massive and long, like I almost crashed it already” Yeo admitted.

“Like it’s longer than any car I’ve ever driven before so it’s pretty tough to drive.”

What didn’t help was that he had some of the boys in the back who were giving him an absolute hounding. LOL.

Queensland’s restrictions aren’t as lax as those back home in WA, so it’s back to takeaway everything.

“If you want a coffee, you gotta get takeaway, you can’t sit down obviously,” he said.

“If you want to get some food you have to get a takeaway – so there goes sushi train.”


Recently, given that Queensland was a predominantly an NRL state, it was reported that Nic Naitanui was a virtual unknown on the Gold Coast – and Yeo agreed there was a lot more anonymity.

“Yeah, you walk around and you sort of don’t get recognised as much,” he said.

“…and footy [AFL] doesn’t get recognised as much, but I guess it’s a good thing – you can sort of float around and not have to have a hat on or keep your head down.”

Then Lisa asked a question about team selection that just felt a bit odd, especially in June.

“Are we likely to see very many changes from round… one?”

Yeo laughed at how weird it totally sounded.


“Hahaha, ahh, round one that was a couple of months ago?” he said. “Yeah, I don’t think you’d change much, ahhh, maybe weather conditions there might be one or two coming out [but] I’m not 100% sure, that’s not my call.”

We’ll soon see!

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